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Negotiations problem solvers  - become a

Are you a problem solver?

Being a specialised service provider is 100% confidential, secure, and financially rewarding.

Negotiations goal is to connect service providers with qualified leads, clients, and businesses who require professional help and assistance immediately. 

Negotiations goal is to secure you the best advice available. To place you with the top Professionals, who will help you solve your problem

Your Confidentiality, Privacy, and Absolute Discretion is Guaranteed. Negotiations, is the name you can Trust.


Get Qualified Customers Coming To You With No Marketing or Advertising Spend Required

As a Negotiations Service provider

Would you like qualified customers introduced to you instead of spending money on marketing and advertising and hoping they’ll choose you?

Negotiations Problems Solvers™  (‘NPS’)  is a Unique and Dedicated Service that Specialises in finding its Clients the Best Professional assistance available.

Negotiations sources and qualifies Service Providers in every profession to assist its Client’s in resolving, and solving their problems and crises. As a Negotiations Service Provider, you will be a highly qualified, and recognized professional, who is an expert in your chosen field, or profession.

As a Negotiations Service Provider, this is how it will work:

Clients in Crises (CiC’s) are provided to Service Providers by Negotiations for Help and Assistance. Negotiations qualifies the CiC’s, conducts due diligence, investigates, analyses and itemises the Clients crises, then selects the best Service Provider in the Clients geographical location, in order to have their problem addressed and resolved quickly and conveniently.

Negotiations Problems Solvers™  (‘NPS’)  is a Unique and Specialised Service that is Dedicated to providing Clients with the Best Professional assistance available.

The Negotiations selection process will locate the best Service Providers available in their respective fields, and geographical locations, to assist its CiC’s all over Australia, and New Zealand, regardless of where the Client may reside.

Negotiations will connect the Service Providers with the CiC’s, in order to solve the CiC's problem. Negotiations will source CiC’s and qualify them. Negotiations will then match their CIC’s problem to a specific business category and expertise, and then introduce the CiC to the Service Provider.

Once your profile matches an inquiry, you will selected and be placed in contact with the CiC

From then on, you will deal directly with the CiC.

Once your Profile matches a CiC's requirements, you will be invited by NPS to become the Service Provider to the CiC.

After the selection process has been completed, you will receive documentation from NPS that will require your agreement and execution.

After which time, you will be introduced to the CiC, and from then on in, you will deal directly with them.

Please complete the form below to register.

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Negotiations Problem Solvers; Australia’s only business that connects your business with qualified prospects who need your services to resolve business problems or personal crises fast!

It’s 100% confidential, secure, and financially rewarding, and the first step to getting your business more business with no marketing, advertising, or promotional spend, required.

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No Marketing Spend Required
Receive introductions to qualified people & businesses that need your help today!

Our goal is to connect your Specialised Services with qualified people and companies who need your help fast. 

It’s 100% confidential, secure, and Financially Rewarding to join, and the first step to getting your business, more business.

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Being a Negotiations Service Provider is 100% confidential, secure, and financially rewarding.

Take the first step to getting more qualified new, repeat and referral clients for your business and apply to become part of the elite Negotiations Service Provider network today.

Save time, energy, money and start getting qualified customers coming to you as a Negotiations Service Provider.

Select the Negotiations category you’d like to be a service provider for below and apply now.
It’s financially rewarding, secure & confidential!

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